Preparation and vigilance is key to a safe and efficient yacht delivery.

  Before travelling to your vessel we will ask about the condition of your vessel and the condition of safety equipment aboard

  Insurance. We have never lost or damaged a vessel, but it is prudent to make sure your yacht is insured for the intended delivery. Many insurers require a minimum of two crew.

  Skilled crew at all times. At Delivery Skippers we do not believe in the “paid Skipper, plus free random backpacker” scenario. As much as weather allows, Delivery Skippers operate 24/7 and as such, when the delivery captain is asleep, the second crew member needs to be capable of single-handed sailing.

  Upon arrival at your yacht we will check the location of safety equipment and the vessels systems.

  During the voyage we will monitor the weather and the vessels systems and conduct preventative maintenance as required (Such as checking sea water strainers and topping up lubricants, checking Alternator belts and bilge pump operation).

  While underway, we will keep in communication with shore contacts as required and as requested.

  All persons on board will wear life jackets as required and remain sober at all times.

  All of our skippers are non-smokers which reduces unnecessary fire risks and also makes sure your vessel is not delivered smelling like an ash tray.

  A tidy, orderly “ship shape” yacht increases safety at sea and prevents damage to the boat and its equipment.

  All of our skippers have a good grounding in common electrical and mechanical systems. Keeping these systems operational is often key to the safe and efficient yacht delivery.

Marine Engineers – Yacht Delivery Skippers

Pre-Delivery Checklist