• 10 Year circumnavigation of the world from East to West via the three Great Southern Capes in own yacht.
  • Delivery Skipper
  • Commercial vessel – Master 5 (Master of vessels under 24m)
  • BSc Geomorphology and Env. Mngt
  • Wilderness First Aid

Between about 2003 and 2013, Jamie sailed about 50 000 miles on a 10 year trip around the world, in a Tophat 25′ called “Possibilities”. He travelled via the Three Great Southern Capes as well as some side trips such as three times across the Atlantic and a trip up the Amazon.

In the 1970’s my parents circumnavigated in a 25 foot Top Hat called Caprice. So I guess Jamie thought it was a good idea! On that trip, my brother Jamie Mitchell was born in Durban, South Africa and sailed 20,000 miles as a baby.

You can read about my parents circumnavigation in the book Two in a Top Hat. 

My mother has written numerous sailing books. For more info see www.writingsfromjanmitchell.com

Jamie has his own website


Jamie with his partner Lisa and children Tane and Kira specialize in family deliveries. They bought their current yacht in Florida and sailed it across the pacific to New Zealand.  Tane their son was born in New Zealand. Lisa, Tane and Jamie continued to the Australian east coast before heading south to Tasmania where Kira was born, making them a crew of four.

Lisa Herring (Jamie Mitchell’s Partner)

  • 3 Weeks sailing along the East Coast of Brazil (On Possibilities) between Salvador and Florianopolis
  • Florida to Australia (on The Wild Goose) via Puerto Rico, Panama, French Polynesia and New Zealand.
  • Several Bass Straight crossings during trips between Sydney and Hobart and Queensland and Hobart.
  • Delivery of ‘Triddar’ from Hobart to Lake Macquarie.
  • Qualified yoga teacher
  • B.com
  • B. Visual Coms (Photography and digital imaging)
  • Wilderness First Aid
Yacht TRIDDAR Alan Payne Jamie Mitchell delivery

Recently Jamie and his family delivered ‘Triddar’, the 37′ Alan Paine yacht from Hobart to Lake Macquarie.

Other boats delivered include:

‘Havorn’ a 32′ a Hartley ferro cement boat from Western Port to Hobart.

‘Jumping Jack Frog’ a 41′ Benetau from NSW to Hobart.

‘Love and War’ a classic 48′ Sydney to Hobart veteran from Hobart to Sydney.

‘Posoiden’ a 42′ classic timber launch (2* Chevy V8 s).

‘Pacific Huntress’ a 95′ schooner from Southport to Hamilton Island for race week, before south to Mackay.

Helsal Yachts Skippered by Jamie Mitchell

Jamie regularly skippers a 62’ yacht for ‘Hobart Yachts’ and a 75’ yacht for ‘Tasmanian Walking Company