The following maybe of interest to you before doing a boat trip together. I’m a pretty up front kind of guy 🙂

If you have browsed my website, sailing and boating have obviously been lifelong hobbies but I also enjoy fixing and restoring boats, cars, bikes and houses. I derive satisfaction and enjoyment from applying my skills and doing something useful to help other people.

I prefer the natural environment to the built environment. I enjoy doing ocean trips because it is a form of recreation that mixes beauty with challenges, satisfaction and gratitude. Boating can bring significant challenges at times, but that leads to the satisfaction of overcoming them and it is always nice to see dolphins and a sunset over the water.

I enjoy meeting boat owners and other people in the boating community. I often spend time on the phone freely sharing the knowledge and experience I have gained through my boating experiences. If I cannot help someone physically, I try at least to give verbal assistance and encouragement.

I do boat deliveries part time, charging to cover the costs, extending my experience and volunteering my time to helping people with their boats who lack the relevant skills or time.

A good portion of my time is spent looking after my son Tasman. I usually look after him Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as well as half the school holidays. Tasman has moderate autism, which comes with its challenges, but he is a really lovely kid and acts safely and sensibly on boats. Tasman’s grandparents or mother to look after him some weekends when a boating opportunity presents itself, but I try not to do this too many times per year.

My main goal in life at the moment is ridding myself of a chronic auto immune condition known as Ankylosing Spondylitis. (Don’t worry, it is not contagious)

Over the last few years I have spent the majority of my time researching and experimenting on a quest to find a cure for what the doctors say is a chronic, incurable, progressive and debilitating disease.

After about five years of experimentation and research I am pretty good most days but still stick to a very limited diet and other stress and inflammation reducing lifestyle protocols.

My dream is to cure myself completely and then do my best to help some of the 40 or so million other people around the world that are suffering even worse than I have.

Due to the progress I have made with my research, I would say I am in remission. It requires maintenance but most of the time I feel far fitter than most people my age. I am sure getting to sea is good for keeping fit!

Unless you asked specifically or raised the topic of chronic inflammation and nocturnal back pain, you would not know there was anything wrong with me or the trouble I go through to keep well.

I love knowledge and solving problems. This is why I studied Mechanical Engineering. I find this mechanical aptitude teamed up with persistence usually leads to success in getting a vessel where it needs to go.

I went to the nationals for gymnastics when I was a kid and also competed in motocross events. Nowadays, I still like motorbikes and mountain bikes, but play it a lot safer 🙂

I have a history of experimenting with solar cooking and other renewable energy solutions. I still have dreams of further developing solar thermal solutions for our homes.

Politically my main viewpoint is that the world would be far better off it corporations were not allowed to influence governments. Corporate donations clearly buy favour, which in my opinion, is clearly corruption. But this is not my area of expertise 🙂

Though not a church goer, I believe that we are all happier when we remember to treat each other with love, kindness and compassion. I know, easier said than done sometimes.

If you got this far, I am humbled that you bothered to read all that 🙂

Have a great day!

David Mitchell from delivery skippers on a Perry 43 QLD Australia
David Mitchell - Boat delivery skipper - crew on ancient mariner
Tasman Boat Crew for yacht Deliveries