Unless you asked specifically or raised the topic of chronic inflammation and  back pain, you would not know the trouble I have been through.

Over the last few years I have spent a huge amount of time researching and experimenting on a quest to find a full cure for what the doctors said was a chronic, debilitating, incurable, progressive disease. Pain is an excellent motivator!

Similar Conditions are Psoriatic Arthritis, Chronic Inflammatory Back Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis.

If you have any such conditions, I would like to let you know that recovery IS possible!

After about seven years of experimentation and research I am very much better. I try to stick to a real food diet and other stress and inflammation reducing lifestyle protocols including a bunch of supplements. But I’m well!

My dream is to cure myself completely and then do my best to help other people around the world that are suffering from chronic back pain and inflamed joints.

At my worst in 2016 – 2017 I could not walk and it even hurt to breath. I was in constant agony. My only relief from pain was when I was asleep which was seldom more than an hour at a time. I thought life was over. I wanted life to be over!

As I slowly worked my way out of this pit of hopelessness, pain and despair, I found myself appreciating the little things. Sleeping for more than 2 hours. Breathing without pain. Walking (with pain but none the less walking). The first time back on a bicycle. Being able to drive a car again.

I am careful what I eat and its hard to get the fear of the pain returning out of my head. I guess I’m dealing with a traumatic experience. But each year that passes, I am better and better and the fear is reducing. I’ve got this. I know many of the triggers and many ways to reduce inflammation. I have the tools.

I no longer take any pharmaceutical medication (Previously Enbrel, Meloxicam etc)

Its going to be really satisfying to help other people recover.

I have pointed quite a few people in the right direction with their health and hope to do more of it. I’ll have to get some relevant qualifications and start collecting more testimonials!

Here is one old one I found in my files. Thanks Daniel.


Daniel Eschebach NSW 2019

I have recently had excellent success for the past 10 days with more fine tuned diet control. I was already following a WFPBD for nearly 1 year and had huge improvements allowing me to resume some physical activity, I mostly maintained myself with swimming and Bikram yoga during this time. However, after some very helpful advice I further eliminated all cooking oils, and all high fat foods like nuts and coconut yoghurt. It’s early days but I have had huge inflammation reduction to the point that I am almost pain free and finally sleeping well again and my constant fatigue is now gone. I noticed these changes after making this small change in my diet right after only 3 days. Many thanks to David Mitchell for spending the enormous amount of time researching this condition and sharing his information. I met Dave in person last weekend and I was very glad I did. If anyone really wants to give elimination diet a go and get of medication, I strongly urge you to get into contact with Dave.

If you are suffering and think I can help you

Contact me

These next two photos and video are from 2016 2017.

Due to a myriad of protocols i have found to be helpful, I no longer have  chronic inflammation.

Below I’m on the road to recovery. After getting down to 63kg and thinking i was going to die, it was a hard slog to recover some fitness.

Your body can heal if you stop poisoning it and give it the things it needs!

I’m telling you, its possible.

David Mitchell Skipper Captain

Looking back, there is nothing more valuable than your health.

I’m working on a book. Here is a mock up of the cover.