The Skippers Clubhouse started during the Covid period to express my desire to design, build and teach my son Tasman some building skills. It grew too big for the likes of council. We ended up going down the DA process with a change in design to a two story version.

The idea is to create a space where Skippers, Crew, Boaties and Family can meet or stay a night or two. I may also use it as an office to do my admin between yacht deliveries while my son Tasman is at school.

Although it is starting to look complete from the outside, the Club house is currently just a shell. Lock up stage. July 2023. Three quarters of the work is the internal stuff.

Still, It is a significant mile stone and it’s great to see it taking shape!

Many thanks to the Skippers, Crew, Family and friends that have donated time, skills and resources.

The next stage involves a Plumber and an Electrician. anyone keen to lend a hand?

Location is Mayfield West, NSW

Three Generations of Mitchell Sailors working together.

Left to right
Tasman Mitchell, Ian Mitchell, David Mitchell